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UXSS 2014 Featured in SLAC News

Thank you to all the attendees who made our 2014 Ultrafast X-ray Summer School a success! We are pleased to have had such prominent speakers come to SLAC to share their knowledge.  We are also pleased that attendees used this new information to come up with quality mock beam-time proposals for the UXSS poster session.

SLAC News has written an article on UXSS, featuring commentary from PULSE director Philip Bucksbaum and UXSS 2014 chair Markus Guehr.

SLAC News: Scientists Use X-rays to Look at How DNA Protects Itself from UV Light

PULSE scientists BK McFarland, JP Farrell, S Miyabe, PH Bucksbaum, JP Cryan, KJ Gaffney, JM Glownia, TJ Martinez, A Natan, VS Petrović, LS Spector, I Tenney, S Wang, JL White, and M Guehr were part of an international collaboration examining properties of thymine using the LCLS. The work done in the paper, published in Nature, has been featured by SLAC News.

To read the full article, click here.

SLAC News: Scientists Take First Dip into Water’s Mysterious ‘No Man’s Land’

A new publication entitled "Ultrafast X-ray probing of water structure below the homogeneous ice nucleation temperature" discusses new findings on the structure of water using the LCLS. The paper was a multi-institute collaboration including PULSE researchers ND Loh, H Laksmono, RG Sierra, CY Hampton, D Starodub, and M Bogan.

The results were featured in a SLAC news press release which can be found here.


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