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Stanford students tour SLAC

Stanford students recently visited SSRL and LCLS as part of a Principles of X-ray Scattering class led by PULSE PIs David Reis and Jerry Hastings. David Reis, Diling Zhu and Takahiro Sato guide Stanford students through a pump-probe experiment on single crystal silicon at LCLS’s XPP instrument, including analysis of the data on the fly – a rare opportunity for them to conduct research at an XFEL. (Courtesy of Angela Anderson)



Tick, Tock on the 'Attoclock:' Tracking X-Ray Laser Pulses at Record Speeds

When it comes to making molecular movies, producing the world's fastest X-ray pulses is only half the battle. A new technique reveals details about the timing and energy of pulses that are less than a millionth of a billionth of a second long, which can be used to probe nature's processes at this amazingly fast attosecond timescale. 

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