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OSU News: "Scientists make 'squarest' ice crystals ever"

12 July 2017: Claudiu Stan, Ray Sierra, and former PULSE researchers Michael Bogan; Hartawan Laksmono; Duane Loh; Jonas Sellberg; and Anders Nilsson are collaborators on a new paper entltied, "How Cubic Can Ice Be?" published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. The work is a collaboration that includes researchers from Ohio State University, LCLS, and SSRL and has been outlined in a news article at Ohio State University.

SLAC News: A Single Electron’s Tiny Leap Sets Off ‘Molecular Sunscreen’ Response

30 June 2017: Thomas Wolf, James Cryan, Andrea Battistoni, Phil Bucksbaum, Kelly Gaffney, Todd Martinez, Shungo Miyabe, Song Wang, and Markus Guehr  are authors on a new paper entitled "Probing ultrafast ππ*/nπ* internal conversion in organic chromophores via K-edge resonant absorption." Visiting scholars Henrik Koch and Rolf Myhre (NTNU) were also a part of the study.


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