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SLAC News: New, Detailed Snapshots Capture Photosynthesis at Room Temperature

23 November 2016: A new publication discussing the study of photosystem II, a large protein complex found in photosynthetic organisms, has revealed for the first time the structure of this complex in one of its transitional states as it proceeds along the reaction coordinate.

Led primarily by investigators from Berkeley Lab, this experiment also involved contributions from PULSE researchers Thomas Kroll, Hartawan Laksmono, Ray Sierra, Claudiu Stan, Clemens Weninger, Thomas Fransson, and Uwe Bergmann.

SLAC News: Scientists, Interns Bring Structural Biology’s ‘Magic Bullet’ Technique to X-ray Lasers

14 November 2016: A team including scientists and summer interns from PULSE, LCLS, and SSRL have performed a key technique in structural biology at LCLS for the first time. Sometimes referred to as the "magic bullet," experimental phasing de novo using selenium was used at LCLS to determine the structure of a selenium-containing protein without the need for outside information. Commonly performed at synchrotrons, the experiment demonstrates that this technique is also possible at an X-ray free-electron laser.


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