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Chemical Dynamics

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The chemical dynamics research in the PULSE Institute aims to understand, and eventually control, the electronic excited state relaxation and reaction mechanisms of light-absorbing molecular systems across a broad range of reaction environments and applications. We focus on developing and exploiting ultrafast x-ray and electron methods to track light-driven molecular phenomena occurring on the time-scales of bond vibrations (femtoseconds) and the length-scales of molecular bonds (Å). These methods are applied to track the correlated electronic and nuclear motions that drive transitions between electronic excited states and photochemical reactivity of molecules. We address a number of chemical dynamics research areas, including: the photophysics and photochemistry of solvated transition metal complexes relevant to solar energy conversion (Cordones-Hahn, Gaffney, Schoenlein) and isolated organic molecules in the gas phase (Cryan, Natan, Wolf), as well as developing realistic theoretical descriptions of the ultrafast response of molecules to light absorption (Hohenstein, Martinez).

Chemical Dynamics Research Groups:

Ultrafast Solution Phase Chemistry (Cordones-Hahn, Gaffney)

Ultrafast Gas Phase Photochemistry (Wolf)

Attosecond chemical dynamics (Cryan)

Ultrafast theory and simulation (Hohenstein, Martinez)

Non-Periodic ultrafast X-ray Imaging (Natan)