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Book Chapter
Adams B, DeCamp MF, Dufresne EM, Reis DA.  2003.  Laser Pump, X-Ray Probe Spectroscopy on Gaas. Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics, and Ultrafast Phenomena with X-Rays. :159–174.
DeCamp MF, Reis DA, Bucksbaum PH.  2003.  Seeing Sound: Measuring Acoustic Pulse Propagation with X-Ray. Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics, and Ultrafast Phenomena with X-Rays. :241–265.
DiChiara AD, Ghimire S, Reis DA, DiMauro LF, Agostini P.  2013.  Strong-Field and Attosecond Physics with Mid-infrared Lasers. Attosecond Physics. :81–98.
Bucksbaum PH, Reis DA, Hastings J.  2004.  Ultrafast Hard X-Rays from Electron Accelerators. Ultrafast Optics IV. :333–340.
Reis DA, Lindenberg A.  2007.  Ultrafast x-ray scattering in solids. Light Scattering in Solid IX. :371–422.
Conference Paper
DeCamp MF, Reis DA, Bucksbaum PH, Adams B, Dufresne EM, Clarke R.  2002.  Acoustic phonon dispersion measured with time-resolved X-ray diffraction. Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2002. CLEO'02. Technical Digest. Summaries of Papers Presented at the. :298–vol.
Sheu Y-M, Chien YJ, Uher C, Fahy S, Reis DA.  2009.  Ambipolar diffusion and recombination of photoexcited carriers in bismuth films. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:23003.
Jiang M, Giraldo P, Fisher I, Reis DA.  2013.  Anomalous Coherent Oscillations in PbTe from Ultrafast Optical Pump-Probe Measurements. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:12009.
Stoica VA, Sheu Y-M, Reis DA, Clarke R.  2008.  Asynchronous optical probing of coherent magnetic excitations from picoseconds to nanoseconds. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :QThF7.
Murray E, Hurley A, Prendergast D, Ogitsu T, Fritz D, Reis DA, Fahy S.  2008.  Damping of high amplitude phonons in bismuth: classical and quantum mechanical simulations. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:37010.
Chen J, Li J, Fahy S, Merlin R, Reis DA.  2011.  Dynamical behavior of coherent phonons in semimetals: Measuring fast electron decoherence rates with slow pulses. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:22004.
Reis DA, Fritz D, Murray E, Fahy S, Wahlstrand J.  2006.  Dynamics of high amplitude coherent phonons in photoexcited bismuth. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:43005.
Hernandez M, Fisher A, Meyerhofer DD, Miller R, Palmer DT, Park S, Reis DA, Schmerge J, Weaver J, Wiedermann H et al..  1997.  Emittance measurements for the SLAC gun test facility. Particle Accelerator Conference, 1997. Proceedings of the 1997. 3:2840–2842.
Bray C, Murray E, Fahy S, Reis D.  2015.  Excited-state electron-dynamics probed by A1g phonons in Bi, Sb, and Bi2 Te3. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:33010.
Cavalieri A, Fritz D, Lee S, Schlarb H, Krejcik P, Hastings J, Bucksbaum PH, Reis DA.  2004.  Femtosecond ultra-relativistic electron bunch length measurements. Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2004.(CLEO). Conference on. 2:1003–1004.
Lindenberg A, Engemann S, Gaffney KJ, Hillyard P, Hastings J, Sokolowski-Tinten K, Nicoul M, Larsson J, Fritz D, Reis DA et al..  2006.  Femtosecond X-Ray Diffuse Scattering Measurement of Liquid State Dynamics. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :QPDA9.
Lindenberg A, Engemann S, Gaffney KJ, Sokolowski-Tinten K, Larsson J, Reis DA, Lorazo P, Hastings JB.  2008.  Femtosecond x-ray diffuse scattering measurements of semiconductor ablation dynamics. High-Power Laser Ablation 2008. :700504–700504.
Trigo M, Henighan T, Reis D.  2015.  Fourier transform inelastic x-ray scattering from phonons using Free Electron Laser pulses. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:21004.
Daranciang D, Goodfellow J, Ghimire S, Loos H, Reis DA, Fisher AS, Lindenberg A.  2011.  Generation of> 100 $μ$J, Broadband THz Transients with> 10 MV/cm Fields via Coherent Transition Radiation at the Linac Coherent Light Source. CLEO: Science and Innovations. :CMW7.
Ghimire S, DiChiara AD, Sistrunk E, DiMauro LF, Agostini P, Reis DA.  2010.  High order harmonic generation in a strongly-driven periodic solid. APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts. 1:3007.
Liu H, Li Y, Ghimire S, Heinz T, Reis D.  2016.  High-harmonic generation from an atomically thin semiconductor. APS Meeting Abstracts.
Ghimire S, DiChiara AD, Sistrunk E, DiMauro LF, Agostini P, Reis DA.  2010.  High-harmonic generation in strongly driven bulk periodic solid. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics. :CPDB2.
Ghimire S, Ndabashimiye G, Reis DA.  2012.  High-order harmonic generation in solid argon. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :QW1F–1.
Fahy S, Hurley A, Donoghue DO, Murray E, Prendergast D, Ogitsu T, Reis DA, Fritz D.  2009.  Large-Amplitude Anharmonic Decay of Coherent A1g phonon motion in Bismuth. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:21007.
Daranciang D, Highland M, Wen H, Brandt NC, Hwang H, Larsson J, Sokolowski-Tinten K, Reis DA, Nelson K, Fuoss P et al..  2011.  Light-Driven Ferroelectric Polarization Dynamics Probed with Time-Resolved X-ray Scattering. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:33009.