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Conference Paper
Broege D, Coffee RN, Bucksbaum PH.  2008.  Impulsive Alignment of Hot, Centrifugally Distorted Molecules. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics. :CWA4.
Coffee RN, Cryan JP, Bucksbaum PH.  2009.  Impulsive Alignment of N 2 with a Train of 8 Pulses. International Quantum Electronics Conference. :IWB1.
Falcone RW, Bucksbaum PH, Chang Z, Heimann P, Johnson S, Kang I, Kapteyn H, Lee RW, Lindenberg A, Meriin R et al..  1999.  Impulsive Coherent Control of X-rays in Bragg Crystals. Applications of High Field and Short Wavelength Sources. :WC2.
Broege D, Coffee RN, Bucksbaum PH.  2009.  Impulsive longitudinal molecular alignment. APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts. 1:6004.
Martínez TJ, Coe JD.  2009.  The influence of intersection topography on excited state reactivity. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 238
Spector LS, Farrell JP, McFarland BK, Bucksbaum PH, Gaarde MB, Schafer KJ, Guehr M.  2011.  Influence of Phase Matching of the Cooper Minimum in Argon High Harmonic Spectra. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :QMF4.
McFarland B, Farrell J, Bucksbaum PH, Guehr M.  2008.  Intensity Dependent Interference Structures in High Harmonic Generation. APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts. 1:6009.
Bostedt C.  2006.  Interaction of clusters with intense soft x-ray radiation from the VUV-FEL. APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts. 1:L1002.
Larsson J, Lindenberg A, Heimann PA, Bucksbaum PH, Lee RW, Wark JS, Falcone RW.  1998.  Investigation of disordering and reordering of laser-irradiated InSb by Time-resolved X-ray diffraction. Quantum Electronics Conference, 1998. 1998 EQEC. European. :168–168.
Farrell JP, Petretti S, Foerster J, McFarland BK, Spector LS, Vanne YV, Decleva P, Bucksbaum PH, Saenz A, Guehr M.  2011.  Ionic state superposition in the strong field ionization of water. Laser Science. :LWF1.
Farrell J, McFarland BK, Spector LS, Bucksbaum PH, Guehr M.  2011.  Isotope effect in the high harmonics of water. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :QMC4.
Journal Article
Kunnus K, Josefsson I, Rajkovic I, Schreck S, Quevedo W, Beye M, Weniger C, Grübel S, Scholz M, Nordlund D et al..  2016.  Identification of the dominant photochemical pathways and mechanistic insights to the ultrafast ligand exchange of Fe (CO) 5 to Fe (CO) 4EtOH. Structural Dynamics. 3:043204.
Bacellar C, Chatterley A, Lackner F, Pemmaraju S, Tanyag R, Bernando C, Verma D, O’Connell S, Osipiv T, Ray D et al..  2016.  Imaging Anisotropic Nanoplasma Dynamics in Superfluid Helium Droplets. Bulletin of the American Physical Society.
Gaffney KJ, Chapman HN.  2007.  Imaging atomic structure and dynamics with ultrafast X-ray scattering. Science. 316:1444–1448.
Erk B, Boll R, Trippel S, Anielski D, Foucar L, Rudek B, Epp SW, Coffee R, Carron S, Schorb S et al..  2014.  Imaging charge transfer in iodomethane upon x-ray photoabsorption. Science. 345:288–291.
Boll R, Rouzée A, Adolph M, Anielski D, Aquila A, Bari S, Bomme C, Bostedt C, Bozek JD, Chapman HN et al..  2014.  Imaging Molecular Structure through Femtosecond Photoelectron Diffraction on Aligned and Oriented Gas-Phase Molecules. arXiv preprint arXiv:1407.7782.
Boll R, Rouzée A, Adolph M, Anielski D, Aquila A, Bari S, Bomme C, Bostedt C, Bozek JD, Chapman HN et al..  2014.  Imaging molecular structure through femtosecond photoelectron diffraction on aligned and oriented gas-phase molecules. Faraday Discussions.
Trigo M, Chen J, Vishwanath VH, Sheu YM, Graber T, Henning R, Reis DA.  2010.  Imaging nonequilibrium atomic vibrations with x-ray diffuse scattering. Physical Review B. 82:235205.
van der Schot G, Svenda M, Maia FRNC, Hantke M, DePonte DP, M Seibert M, Aquila A, Schulz J, Kirian R, Liang M et al..  2015.  Imaging single cells in a beam of live cyanobacteria with an X-ray laser. Nature communications. 6
Burkhardt MH, Hossain MA, Sarkar S, Chuang Y-D, Gonzalez AGCruz, Doran A, Scholl A, Young AT, Tahir N, Choi YJ et al..  2012.  Imaging the First-Order Magnetic Transition in La< sub> 0.35 Pr< sub> 0.275 Ca< sub> 0.375 MnO< sub> 3. Physical Review Letters. 108
Clark JN, Beitra L, Xiong G, Fritz DM, Lemke HT, Zhu D, Chollet M, Williams GJ, Messerschmidt MM, Abbey B et al..  2015.  Imaging transient melting of a nanocrystal using an X-ray laser. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 112:7444–7448.
Bostedt C.  2015.  Imaging ultrafast processes in nanometer sized clusters. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 60
Levine BG, Coe JD, Virshup AM, Martínez TJ.  2008.  Implementation of< i> ab initio multiple spawning in the Molpro quantum chemistry package. Chemical Physics. 347:3–16.
Koopmann R, Cupelli K, Redecke L, Nass K, DePonte DP, White TA, Stellato F, Rehders D, Liang M, Andreasson J et al..  2012.  In vivo protein crystallization opens new routes in structural biology. Nature methods. 9:259–262.
Wang J, Kouznetsova TB, Niu Z, Ong MT, Klukovich HM, Rheingold AL, Martínez TJ, Craig SL.  2015.  Inducing and quantifying forbidden reactivity with single-molecule polymer mechanochemistry. Nature chemistry. 7:323–327.