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Mucke M, Zhaunerchyk V, Squibb RJ, Kaminska M, Eland JHD, P Meulen vd, Salén P, Linusson P, Thomas RD, Larsson M et al..  2014.  Mapping the decay of double core hole states of atoms and molecules. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 488:032021.
Mucke M, Zhaunerchyk V, Squibb RJ, Kaminska M, Eland JHD, Salén P, Frasinski LJ, Linusson P, Thomas RD, Larsson M et al..  2013.  Mapping Electronic States and Associated Dynamics of Non-Linearly Ionized Atoms and Molecules. Laser Science. :LTh3I–2.
Moore JS, Braun P, Bielawski C, Craig S, Martinez T, Sottos N.  2013.  Mechanochemically-Active Polymer Composites.
Miller TA, Wittenberg JS, Wen H, Connor S, Cui Y, Lindenberg A.  2013.  The mechanism of ultrafast structural switching in superionic copper (I) sulphide nanocrystals. Nature communications. 4:1369.
May PA, White SR, Martínez TJ, Boydston AJ, Moore JS.  2014.  Mechanically triggered heterolytic unzipping of a low-ceiling-temperature polymer.
Marinelli A, Lutman AA, Wu J, Ding Y, Krzywinski J, Nuhn H-D, Feng Y, Coffee RN, Pellegrini C.  2013.  Multicolor Operation and Spectral Control in a Gain-Modulated X-Ray Free-Electron Laser. Physical review letters. 111:134801.
Marchesini S, Boutet S, Sakdinawat AE, Bogan MJ, Bajt S, Barty A, Chapman HN, Frank M, Hau-Riege SP, Szöke A et al..  2008.  Massively parallel X-ray holography. Nature photonics. 2:560–563.
MacDonald M, Gorkhover T, Bachmann B, Bucher M, Carron S, Coffee RN, Drake RP, Ferguson KR, Fletcher LB, Gamboa EJ et al..  2016.  Measurement of high-dynamic range x-ray Thomson scattering spectra for the characterization of nano plasmas at LCLS.