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Book Chapter
Yang S, Martínez TJ.  2009.  Nonclassical Phase Space Jumps and Optimal Spawning. Advances in the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Systems. :35–45.
Conference Paper
Reed EJ, Armstrong MR, Kim K-Y, Glownia JM, Howard WM, Piner EL, Roberts JC.  2009.  A new mechanism for observation of THz acoustic waves: coherent THz radiation emission. SPIE OPTO: Integrated Optoelectronic Devices. :72140P–72140P.
Osipov T, Rolles D, Bostedt C, Castagna J-C, Hartmann R, Bozek JD, Schlichting I, Strüder L, Ullrich J, Berrah N.  2011.  Next Generation Instrumentation: LAMP–LCLS-ASG-Michigan-Project for Novel Science with the LCLS FEL. APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts. 1:3001.
Trigo M, Reis DA.  2011.  Nonequilibrium Phonon Dynamics. Laser Science. :LWK1.
Virshup AM, Chen J, Martínez TJ.  2009.  Nonlinear dimensionality reduction for reaction path discovery in ab initio multiple spawning dynamics. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 237
Fang L, Hoener M, Guehr M, Blaga CIoan, Bostedt C, Bozek JD, Bucksbaum PH, Buth C, Coffee RN, Cryan JP et al..  2010.  Nonlinear Processes in N 2 Using LCLS Short X-Ray Pulses. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :JFA5.
Wen H, Wiczer M, Lindenberg A.  2007.  Nonlinear Terahertz pump-Terahertz probe Measurements of Semiconductor Carrier Dynamics. Frontiers in Optics. :PDP\_B6.
Lindenberg A, Wen H, Szilagyi E.  2008.  Nonlinear THz-pump/THz-probe measurements of semiconductor carrier dynamics. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics. :CFZ2.
Rohringer N, Ryan D, Purvis M, Dunn J, Albert F, Graf A, Brown G, Nilsen J, Bozek JD, Bostedt C et al..  2011.  Non-resonant and resonant x-ray photo pumping of a dense neon gas with x-ray free-electron lasers. Laser Science. :LThE3.
Gaffney KJ, Blome C, Engemann S, Fritz D, Hillyard P, Larsson J, Lindenberg A, Nicoul M, Reis DA, Sokolowski-Tinten K et al..  2007.  Non-Thermal Liquid Formation Dynamics Studied with Ultrafast Diffuse X-Ray Scattering. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:19003.
Journal Article
Sierra RG, Laksmono H, Kern J, Tran R, Hattne J, Alonso-Mori R, Lassalle-Kaiser B, Glöckner C, Hellmich J, Schafer DW et al..  2012.  Nanoflow electrospinning serial femtosecond crystallography. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography. 68:1584–1587.
Liu TM, Wang T, Reid AH, Savoini M, Wu X, Koene B, Granitzka P, Graves C, Higley D, Chen Z et al..  2014.  Nanoscale confinement of all-optical switching in TbFeCo using plasmonic antennas. arXiv preprint arXiv:1409.1280.
Graves CE, Reid AH, Wang T, Wu B, de Jong S, Vahaplar K, Radu I, Bernstein DP, Messerschmidt M, Müller L et al..  2013.  Nanoscale spin reversal by non-local angular momentum transfer following ultrafast laser excitation in ferrimagnetic GdFeCo. Nature materials. 12:293–298.
Redecke L, Nass K, DePonte DP, White TA, Rehders D, Barty A, Stellato F, Liang M, Barends TRM, Boutet S et al..  2013.  Natively inhibited Trypanosoma brucei cathepsin B structure determined by using an X-ray laser. Science. 339:227–230.
Kozina M, Hu T, Mehta A, Reis DA, Lindenberg A.  2014.  Near-Equilibrium Structural Dynamics on the 20ps Time Scale. Bulletin of the American Physical Society.
Stan CAndrei, Willmott PR, Stone HA, Koglin JE, Liang M, Aquila AL, Robinson JS, Gumerlock KL, Blaj G, Sierra RG et al..  2016.  Negative Pressures and Spallation in Water Drops Subjected to Nanosecond Shock Waves. The journal of physical chemistry letters.
Hampton T.  2013.  New Clues to Sleeping Sickness. JAMA. 309:20–20.
hrwall GÖ, Karlsson P, Wirde M, Lundqvist M, Andersson P, Ceolin D, Wannberg B, Kachel T, Dürr H, Eberhardt W et al..  2011.  A new energy and angle resolving electron spectrometer–First results. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena. 183:125–131.
Saldin DK, Poon HC, Bogan MJ, Marchesini S, Shapiro DA, Kirian RA, Weierstall U, Spence JCH.  2011.  New light on disordered ensembles: ab initio structure determination of one particle from scattering fluctuations of many copies. Physical review letters. 106:115501.
Lindenberg A.  2008.  New Opportunities in Ultrafast X-ray Science. DOE EPSCOR. :1.
Osipov T, Rolles D, Bostedt C, Castagna JC, Hartmann R, Bozek JD, Schlichting I, Strüder L, Ullrich J, Berrah N.  2012.  Next Generation Endstation for Concurrent Measurements of Charged Products and Photons in LCLS FEL Experiments. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 388:142025–142025.
Osipov T, Rolles D, Bostedt C, Castagna JC, Hartmann R, Bozek JD, Schlichting I, Ullrich J, Berrah N, .  2011.  Next Generation Instrumentation: LAMP\~{}–\~{}$\backslash$ emph $\{$L$\}$ CLS\~{}-\~{}$\backslash$ emph $\{$A$\}$ SG\~{}-\~{}$\backslash$ emph $\{$M$\}$ ichigan\~{}-\~{}$\backslash$ emph $\{$P$\}$ roject for Novel Science with the LCLS\~{} FEL. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 56
Martin AV, Wang F, Loh D, Ekeberg T, Maia FRNC, Hantke M, van der Schot G, Hampton CY, Sierra RG, Aquila A et al..  2012.  Noise-robust coherent diffractive imaging with a single diffraction pattern. Optics Express. 20:16650–16661.
Martínez TJ.  2014.  Non-Born-Oppenheimer Dynamics in Ring-Opening and Biological Processes. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 59
Doumy G, Roedig C, Son S-K, Blaga CIoan, DiChiara AD, Santra R, Berrah N, Bostedt C, Bozek JD, Bucksbaum PH et al..  2011.  Nonlinear atomic response to intense ultrashort x rays. Physical review letters. 106:083002.