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Dufresne EM, Adams B, Landahl EC, Khounsary AM, Reis DA, Fritz DM, Lee SH.  2007.  Studies of ultrafast femtosecond-laser-generated strain fields with coherent x-rays. Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation; Part Two(AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 879). 879:1210–1213.
Reis DA, Raggk W, Bula C, McDonald KT, Prebys EJ, Burke DL, Field RC, Horton-Smith G, Spencer JE, Walz D et al..  1999.  Studies of Nonlinear QED in Collisions of 46.6 GeV Electrons with Intense Laser Pulses.
Bamber C, Boege SJ, Koffas T, Kotseroglou T, Melissinos AC, Meyerhofer DD, Reis DA, Ragg W, Bula C, McDonald KT et al..  1999.  Studies of nonlinear QED in collisions of 46.6 GeV electrons with intense laser pulses. Physical Review D. 60:092004.
Schmerge JF, Reis DA, Hernandez M, Meyerhofer DD, Miller RH, Palmer DT, Weaver JN, Winick H, Yeremian D.  1997.  SLAC RF photocathode gun test facility [2988-13]. PROCEEDINGS-SPIE THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR OPTICAL ENGINEERING. :90–97.
Schmerge JF, Reis DA, Hernandez M, Meyerhofer DD, Miller RH, Palmer DT, Weaver JN, Winick H, Yeremian A.D.  1997.  SLAC RF photocathode gun test facility. Free-electron Laser Challenges. :90.
Daranciang D, Goodfellow J, Fuchs M, Wen H, Ghimire S, Reis DA, Loos H, Fisher AS, Lindenberg A.  2011.  Single-cycle terahertz pulses with> 0.2 V/{\AA} field amplitudes via coherent transition radiation. Applied Physics Letters. 99:141117.
Lings B, Wark JS, DeCamp MF, Reis DA, Fahy S.  2006.  Simulations of time-resolved x-ray diffraction in Laue geometry. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. 18:9231.
Fahy S, Lings B, Wark JS, DeCamp MF, Reis DA.  2006.  Simulations of time-resolved x-ray diffraction in Laue geometry.
Trigo M, Chen J, Jiang MP, Mao WL, Riggs SC, Shapiro MC, Fisher IR, Reis DA.  2011.  Short small-polaron lifetime in the mixed-valence perovskite Cs $ \_2 $ Au $ \_2 $ I $ \_6 $ from high-pressure pump-probe experiments. arXiv preprint arXiv:1111.5260.
DiChiara AD, Ghimire S, Blaga CIoan, Sistrunk E, Power EP, March AM, Miller TA, Reis DA, Agostini P, DiMauro LF.  2012.  Scaling of high-order harmonic generation in the long wavelength limit of a strong laser field. Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of. 18:419–433.
Schmerge JF, Hernandez M, Meyerhofer DD, Miller RH, Palmer DT, Reis DA, Wever JN, Wiedemann H, Winick H.  1997.  RF photocathode gun test facility for developing high brightness injectors for X-ray FELs. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research-Section A Only. 393:129.
Ghimire S, DiChiara AD, Sistrunk E, Szafruga UB, Agostini P, DiMauro LF, Reis DA.  2011.  Redshift in the optical absorption of ZnO single crystals in the presence of an intense midinfrared laser field. Physical review letters. 107:167407.
Reis DA.  2005.  Recent Results from SPPS, Including Pump-Probe Timing Measurements.
Murray ED, Fritz DM, Wahlstrand JK, Fahy S, Reis DA.  2005.  RAPID COMMUNICATIONS-Dynamics, dynamical systems, lattice effects, quantum solids-Effect of lattice anharmonicity on high-amplitude phonon dynamics in photoexcited bismuth. Physical Review-Section B-Condensed Matter. 72:60301R.
Engel V, Erhard M, Gibbon P, Huber G, Keller U, D Linde vd, Marangos J, Menzel R, Reis DA, Rübhausen M et al..  2001.  Quantum Optics, Nonlinear Optics and Ultrashort Phenomena.
Kelly CV, Kober M-MT, Kinnunen P, Reis DA, Orr BG, Holl MMBanaszak.  2009.  Pulsed-laser creation and characterization of giant plasma membrane vesicles from cells. Journal of biological physics. 35:279–295.
Reis DA.  2009.  PULSE Ultrafast X-ray Summer School.
Reis DA, DeCamp MF, Bucksbaum PH, Clarke R, Dufresne E, Hertlein M, Merlin R, Falcone R, Kapteyn H, Murnane MM et al..  2001.  Probing impulsive strain propagation with X-ray pulses. Physical review letters. 86:3072.
Larsson J, Allen A, Bucksbaum PH, Falcone RW, Lindenberg A, Naylor G, Missalla T, Reis DA, Scheidt K, Sjögren A et al..  2002.  Picosecond X-ray diffraction studies of laser-excited acoustic phonons in InSb. Applied Physics A. 75:467–478.
Reis DA, DeCamp MF, Bucksbaum PH, Clarke R, Dufresne E, Merlin R.  2002.  Picosecond time-resolved x-ray diffraction probe of coherent lattice dynamics (abstract). Review of scientific instruments. 73:1361–1361.
Reis DA, Bucksbaum PH, Clarke R, DeCamp MF, Dufresne E, Hertlein M, Merlin R, Williams E.  1995.  Picosecond Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction at the APS Sector 7 (MHATT-CAT).
Grigoriev A, Evans PG, Trigo M, Reis DA, Young L, Dunford RW, Kanter EP, Krässig B, Santra R, Southworth SH et al..  2010.  Picosecond Structural Dynamics at the Advanced Photon Source. Synchrotron Radiation News. 23:18–25.
Adams B, DeCamp MF, Dufresne EM, Reis DA.  2002.  Picosecond laser-pump, x-ray probe spectroscopy of GaAs. Review of scientific instruments. 73:4150–4156.
Bray C, Murray E, Fahy S, Reis DA.  2014.  Photon energy and carrier density dependent dynamics of the coherent A1g phonon in bismuth. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 59
Schmerge JF, Hernandez M, Hogan MJ, Reis DA, Winick H.  1999.  Photocathode rf gun emittance measurements using variable length laser pulses. SPIE. 3614:22.