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Conference Paper
Petrovic V, Schorb S, Kim J, White J, Cryan J, Glownia JM, Zipp L, Broege D, Miyabe S, Tao H et al..  2013.  Enhanced strong-field multiple ionization in the vicinity of S-1/S-0 conical intersection in 1, 3-cyclohexadiene. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 246
Lemke H, Weaver M, Chollet M, Robinson J, Glownia JM, Zhu D, Bionta MR, Cammarata M, Harmand M, Coffee RN et al..  2013.  Femtosecond optical/hard X-ray timing diagnostics at an FEL: implementation and performance. SPIE Optics+ Optoelectronics. :87780S–87780S.
Reed EJ, Armstrong MR, Kim K-Y, Glownia JM, Howard WM, Piner EL, Roberts JC.  2009.  A new mechanism for observation of THz acoustic waves: coherent THz radiation emission. SPIE OPTO: Integrated Optoelectronic Devices. :72140P–72140P.
Feng Y, Alonso-Mori R, Blank VD, Boutet S, Chollet M, van Driel TB, Fritz DM, Glownia JM, Hastings JB, Lemke H et al..  2013.  Recent development of thin diamond crystals for x-ray FEL beam-sharing. SPIE Optics+ Optoelectronics. :87780B–87780B.
Bionta MR, French D, Cryan JP, Glownia JM, Hartmann N, Nicholson DJ, Baker K, Bostedt C, Cammarata M, Chollet M et al..  2012.  Spectral encoding based measurement of x-ray/optical relative delay to\~{} 10 fs rms. SPIE Optical Engineering+ Applications. :85040M–85040M.
Bionta MR, Cryan JP, Glownia JM, French D, Bostedt C, Cammarata M, Castagna J-C, Ding Y, Durbin S, Feng Y et al..  2012.  Sub-10 fs RMS Measurement of X-Ray/Optical Delay. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :QTu2H–5.
Glownia JM, Ourmazd A, Fung R, Cryan JP, Natan A, Coffee RN, Bucksbaum PH.  2012.  Sub-Cycle Strong-Field Influences in X-ray Photoionization. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :QW1F–3.
Glownia JM, Cryan JP, Kornilov O, Hertlein M, Gessner O, Belkacem A, Wilcox R, Huang G, White JL, Petrovic V et al..  2010.  Ultrafast X-ray-Pump, Laser-Probe Spectroscopy at LCLS. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics. :JFA4.
Cryan JP, Glownia JM, Berrah N, Blaga CIoan, Bozek JD, Buth C, DiMauro LF, Fang L, Guehr M, Hoener M et al..  2010.  X-Ray-Induced Multiple Core Vacancies in Impulsively Aligned Molecules. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference. :JFA3.
Journal Article
Cryan JP, Glownia JM, Broege D, Ma Y, Bucksbaum PH.  2011.  Ensemble of linear molecules in nondispersing rotational quantum states: A molecular stopwatch. Physical Review X. 1:011002.
Minitti MP, Robinson JS, Coffee RN, Edstrom S, Gilevich S, Glownia JM, Granados E, Hering P, Hoffmann MC, Miahnahri A et al..  2015.  Optical laser systems at the Linac Coherent Light Source. Journal of synchrotron radiation. 22:526–531.
Liu J-C, Berrah N, Cederbaum LS, Cryan JP, Glownia JM, Schafer KJ, Buth C.  2015.  Rate equations for nitrogen molecules in ultrashort and intense x-ray pulses. arXiv preprint arXiv:1508.05223.
Liu J-C, Berrah N, Cederbaum LS, Cryan JP, Glownia JM, Schafer KJ, Buth C.  2016.  Rate equations for nitrogen molecules in ultrashort and intense x-ray pulses. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. 49:075602.
Glownia JM, Cryan JP, Andreasson J, Belkacem A, Berrah N, Blaga CIoan, Bostedt C, Bozek JD, DiMauro LF, Fang L et al..  2010.  Time-resolved pump-probe experiments at the LCLS. Optics express. 18:17620–17630.
Buth C, Liu J-C, Chen MHsiung, Cryan JP, Fang L, Glownia JM, Hoener M, Coffee RN, Berrah N.  2012.  Ultrafast absorption of intense x rays by nitrogen molecules. The Journal of chemical physics. 136:214310.