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Glownia J, Cryan JP, Bucksbaum PH, Coffee RN.  2010.  Formation and dissociation of transient molecular states with ultrafast x rays. APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts. 1:3004.
Varganov SA, Ward NJ, Martínez TJ.  2010.  Geminal-augmented MCSCF for multi-electron systems. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 239
Titov AV, Kindratenko VV, Ufimtsev IS, Martínez TJ.  2010.  Generation of kernels for calculating electron repulsion integrals of high angular momentum functions on GPUs–preliminary results. Proceedings of SAAHPC 2010. :1–3.
McFarland BKeith.  2010.  High Harmonic Generation from Multiple Orbitals in Molecular Nitrogen.
Spector LS, Farrell JP, McFarland BK, Bucksbaum PH, Guehr M.  2010.  High harmonic generation in sulfur dioxide. APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts. 1:3004.
Farrell JP, Spector LS, McFarland BK, Bucksbaum PH, Guehr M.  2010.  High harmonic transient grating spectroscopy. Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) and Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (QELS), 2010 Conference on. :1–2.
Ghimire S, DiChiara AD, Sistrunk E, DiMauro LF, Agostini P, Reis DA.  2010.  High order harmonic generation in a strongly-driven periodic solid. APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts. 1:3007.
Ghimire S, DiChiara AD, Sistrunk E, DiMauro LF, Agostini P, Reis DA.  2010.  High-harmonic generation in strongly driven bulk periodic solid. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics. :CPDB2.
Daranciang D, Wen H, Lindenberg A.  2010.  High-intensity THz interactions with materials: New aspects and applications. INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON HIGH POWER LASER ABLATION 2010. 1278:17–25.
Kindratenko V, Wilhelmson R, Brunner R, Martínez TJ, Hwu W-mei.  2010.  High-performance computing with accelerators. Computing in Science & Engineering. 12:12–16.
Wen H, Daranciang D, Lindenberg A.  2010.  High-speed all-optical terahertz polarization switching by a transient plasma phase modulator. Applied Physics Letters. 96:161103.
Wietstruk M, Melnikov A, Stamm C, Kachel T, Pontius N, Sultan M, Gahl C, Weinelt M, Dürr HA, Bovensiepen U.  2010.  Hot electron driven enhancement of spin-lattice coupling in 4f ferromagnets observed by femtosecond x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. arXiv preprint arXiv:1010.1374.
Trigo M, Chen J, Vishwanath VH, Sheu YM, Graber T, Henning R, Reis DA.  2010.  Imaging nonequilibrium atomic vibrations with x-ray diffuse scattering. Physical Review B. 82:235205.
Landt L, Staiger M, Wolter D, Klünder K, Zimmermann P, Willey TM, van Buuren T, Brehmer D, Schreiner PR, Tkachenko BA et al..  2010.  The influence of a single thiol group on the electronic and optical properties of the smallest diamondoid adamantane. The Journal of chemical physics. 132:024710.
Farrell JP, Spector LS, McFarland BK, Bucksbaum PH, Guehr M, Gaarde MB, Schafer KJ.  2010.  Influence of Phase Matching on the Cooper Minimum in Ar High Harmonic Spectra. arXiv preprint arXiv:1011.1297.
Sheu Y-M, Chien YJ, Uher C, Trigo M, Chen J, Ghimire S, Walko D, Peterson E, Arms D, Landahl E et al..  2010.  Kapitza conductance of Bi/Sapphire interface measured by time-resolved x-ray diffraction. APS Meeting Abstracts. 1:15010.
Bogan MJ.  2010.  Laboratory Directed Research and Development Project Proposal.
Ji M, Odelius M, Gaffney KJ.  2010.  Large angular jump mechanism observed for hydrogen bond exchange in aqueous perchlorate solution. Science. 328:1003–1005.
Gaffney KJ.  2010.  Large Angular Jump Mechanism Observed for Hydrogen Bond Exchange in Aqueous Perchlorate Solution.
Strüder L, Epp S, Rolles D, Hartmann R, Holl P, Lutz G, Soltau H, Eckart R, Reich C, Heinzinger K et al..  2010.  Large-format, high-speed, X-ray pnCCDs combined with electron and ion imaging spectrometers in a multipurpose chamber for experiments at 4th generation light sources. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment. 614:483–496.
Radu I, Stamm C, Pontius N, Kachel T, Ramm P, Thiele J-U, Dürr HA, Back CH.  2010.  Laser-induced generation and quenching of magnetization on FeRh studied with time-resolved x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. Physical Review B. 81:104415.
Park S, Ji M, Gaffney KJ.  2010.  Ligand exchange dynamics in aqueous solution studied with 2DIR spectroscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 114:6693–6702.
Daranciang D, Wen H, Highland M, Perkins B, Brandt NC, Nelson K, Larsson J, Walko D, Dufresne E, Fuoss P et al..  2010.  Light-Induced Modulation of Ferroelectric Polarization Probed Using Time-Resolved X-Ray Scattering. International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena. :ThE49.
Kryger MJ, Ong MT, Odom SA, Sottos NR, White SR, Martínez TJ, Moore JS.  2010.  Masked cyanoacrylates unveiled by mechanical force. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 132:4558–4559.
Agnes G, Bogan MJ, Feng X.  2010.  Method and apparatus for producing a discrete droplet for subsequent analysis or manipulation.