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Mannebach EM, Li R, Duerloo K-A, Nyby C, Zalden P, Vecchione T, Ernst F, Reid AHume, Chase T, Shen X et al..  2015.  Dynamic structural response and deformations of monolayer MoS2 visualized by femtosecond electron diffraction. Nano letters. 15:6889–6895.
Ratner D, Abela R, Amann J, Behrens C, Bohler D, Bouchard G, Bostedt C, Boyes M, Chow K, Cocco D et al..  2015.  Experimental Demonstration of a Soft X-Ray Self-Seeded Free-Electron Laser. Physical review letters. 114:054801.
Xiong H, Murphy B, Fang L, Osipov T, Kukk E, Güehr M, Feifel R, Petrović VS, Ferguson KR, Bozek JD et al..  2015.  Femtosecond x-ray induced fragmentation of Ho3N@ C80. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 635:112052.
Berrah N, Murphy B, Xiong H, Fang L, Osipov T, Kukk E, Güehr M, Feifel R, Petrović VS, Ferguson KR et al..  2015.  Femtosecond X-ray-induced fragmentation of fullerenes. Journal of Modern Optics. :1–12.
Ding Y, Behrens C, Coffee R, Decker FJ, Emma P, Field C, Helml W, Huang Z, Krejcik P, Krzywinski J et al..  2015.  Flexible control of femtosecond pulse duration and separation using an emittance-spoiling foil in x-ray free-electron lasers.
Murphy B, Xiong H, Fang L, Osipov T, Kukk E, Petrovic V, Li H, Sistrunk E, Squibb R, Feifel R et al..  2015.  Fragmentation Dynamics of Endohedral Fullerene Ho $ \_ $\{$3$\}$ $ N@ C $ \_ $\{$80$\}$ $ Ionized with Intense and Short X-Ray FEL Pulses. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 60
Ding Y, Behrens C, Coffee R, Decker F-J, Emma P, Field C, Helml W, Huang Z, Krejcik P, Krzywinski J et al..  2015.  Generating femtosecond X-ray pulses using an emittance-spoiling foil in free-electron lasers. Applied Physics Letters. 107:191104.
Henighan T, Trigo M, Bonetti S, Granitzka P, Higley D, Chen Z, Jiang MP, Kukreja R, Gray A, Reid AH et al..  2015.  Generation of high-frequency strain waves during femtosecond demagnetization of Fe/MgO films. arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.03348.
E Dao H, Sierra RG, Laksmono H, Lemke HT, Alonso-Mori R, Coey A, Larsen K, Baxter EL, Cohen AE, S Soltis M et al..  2015.  Goniometer-based femtosecond X-ray diffraction of mutant 30S ribosomal subunit crystals. Structural Dynamics. 2:041706.
Marinelli A, Ratner D, Lutman AA, Turner J, Welch J, Decker F-J, Loos H, Behrens C, Gilevich S, Miahnahri AA et al..  2015.  High-intensity double-pulse X-ray free-electron laser. Nature communications. 6
Henighan T, Trigo M, Chollet M, Clark JN, Fahy S, Glownia JM, Jiang MP, Kozina M, Liu H, Song S et al..  2015.  How to distinguish squeezed and coherent phonons in femtosecond x-ray diffuse scattering. arXiv preprint arXiv:1510.02403.
van der Schot G, Svenda M, Maia FRNC, Hantke M, DePonte DP, M Seibert M, Aquila A, Schulz J, Kirian R, Liang M et al..  2015.  Imaging single cells in a beam of live cyanobacteria with an X-ray laser. Nature communications. 6
Clark JN, Beitra L, Xiong G, Fritz DM, Lemke HT, Zhu D, Chollet M, Williams GJ, Messerschmidt MM, Abbey B et al..  2015.  Imaging transient melting of a nanocrystal using an X-ray laser. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 112:7444–7448.
Przystawik A, Schroedter L, Müller M, Adolph M, Bostedt C, Flückiger L, Gorkhover T, Kickermann A, Krikunova M, Nösel L et al..  2015.  Ionization dynamics of Xe nanoplasma formation studied with XUV fluorescence spectroscopy. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. 48:184002.
Müller M, Schroedter L, Oelze T, Nösel L, Przystawik A, Kickermann A, Adolph M, Gorkhover T, Flückiger L, Krikunova M et al..  2015.  Ionization dynamics of XUV excited clusters: the role of inelastic electron collisions. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. 48:174002.
Clark JN, Trigo M, Henighan T, Harder R, Abbey B, Katayama T, Kozina M, Dufresne E, Wen H, Walko D et al..  2015.  Lensless Imaging of Nano-and Meso-Scale Dynamics with X-rays. Microscopy and Microanalysis. 21:2165–2166.
Stan C, Laksmono H, Sierra R, McQueen T, Milathianaki D, Koglin J, Lane T, Messerschmidt M, Williams G, Hayes M et al..  2015.  Liquid explosions induced by X-ray laser pulses. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 60
Kunnus K, Josefsson I, Ivan R, Schreck S, Quevedo W, Beye M, Weniger C, Grübel S, Scholz M, Nordlund D et al..  2015.  Mechanistic insight into the ultrafast ligand addition and spin crossover reactions following Fe (CO) 5 photodissociation in ethanol.
Weathersby SP, Brown G, Centurion M, Chase TF, Coffee R, Corbett J, Eichner JP, Frisch JC, Fry AR, Gühr M et al..  2015.  Mega-electron-volt ultrafast electron diffraction at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Review of Scientific Instruments. 86:073702.
Abdallah BG, Zatsepin NA, Roy-Chowdhury S, Coe J, Conrad CE, Dörner K, Sierra RG, Stevenson HP, Camacho-Alanis F, Grant TD et al..  2015.  Microfluidic sorting of protein nanocrystals by size for X-ray free-electron laser diffraction. Structural Dynamics. 2:041719.
Fuchs M, Trigo M, Chen J, Ghimire S, Shwartz S, Kozina M, Jiang M, Henighan T, Bray C, Ndabashimiye G et al..  2015.  Nonlinear X-ray Compton Scattering. arXiv preprint arXiv:1502.00704.
Minitti MP, Robinson JS, Coffee RN, Edstrom S, Gilevich S, Glownia JM, Granados E, Hering P, Hoffmann MC, Miahnahri A et al..  2015.  Optical laser systems at the Linac Coherent Light Source. Journal of synchrotron radiation. 22:526–531.
Öberg H, Gladh J, Dell'Angela M, Anniyev T, Beye M, Coffee R, Föhlisch A, Katayama T, Kaya S, LaRue J et al..  2015.  Optical laser-induced CO desorption from Ru (0001) monitored with a free-electron X-ray laser: DFT prediction and X-ray confirmation of a precursor state. Surface Science.
Wernet P, Kunnus K, Josefsson I, Rajkovic I, Quevedo W, Beye M, Schreck S, Grübel S, Scholz M, Nordlund D et al..  2015.  Orbital-specific mapping of the ligand exchange dynamics of Fe (CO) 5 in solution. Nature. 520:78–81.
Jiang MP, Trigo M, Fahy S, Murray ED, Savić I, Bray C, Clark J, Henighan T, Kozina M, Chollet M et al..  2015.  Photoinduced suppression of the ferroelectric instability in PbTe. arXiv preprint arXiv:1511.03626.