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Gaffney KJ, Wong CM, Liu SH, Miller AD, McNeill JD, Harris CB.  2000.  Femtosecond electron dynamics at the benzene/Ag (111) interface. Chemical Physics. 251:99–110.
Wong CM, McNeill JD, Gaffney KJ, Ge N-H, Miller AD, Liu SH, Harris CB.  1999.  Femtosecond studies of electron dynamics at dielectric-metal interfaces. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 103:282–292.
Lemke H, Bressler C, Chen LX, Fritz DM, Gaffney KJ, Galler A, Gawelda W, Haldrup K, Hartsock RW, Ihee H et al..  2013.  Femtosecond X-ray absorption spectroscopy at a hard X-ray free electron laser: application to spin crossover dynamics. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 117:735–740.
Nicoul M, Sokolowski-Tinten K, von der Linde D, Fritz D, Reis DA, Lindenberg A, Endemann S, Gaffney KJ, Hastings J, Hillyard P et al..  2006.  Femtosecond X-ray diffraction at the SPPS: Direct observation of coherent optical phonons in laser-excited Bismuth.
Sokolowski-Tinten K, Larsson J, Lindenberg A, Gaffney KJ, Caleman C, Hansen T.N, Synnergren O, Blome C, Sheppard J.  2004.  First ultrafast x-ray measurements at SPPS. Quantum Electronics.
Trigo M, Fuchs M, Chen J, Jiang MP, Cammarata M, Fahy S, Fritz DM, Gaffney KJ, Ghimire S, Higginbotham A et al..  2013.  Fourier-transform inelastic X-ray scattering from time-and momentum-dependent phonon-phonon correlations. Nature Physics.
Robinson D, Hartsock R, Gaffney KJ.  2011.  Generation of Mid-IR Wavelengths.
Gaffney KJ, Ji M, Odelius M, Park S, Sun Z.  2011.  H-bond switching and ligand exchange dynamics in aqueous ionic solution. Chemical Physics Letters. 504:1–6.
Gaffney KJ, Piletic IR, Fayer MD.  2002.  Hydrogen bond breaking and reformation in alcohol oligomers following vibrational relaxation of a non-hydrogen-bond donating hydroxyl stretch. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 106:9428–9435.
Asbury JB, Steinel T, Stromberg C, Gaffney KJ, Piletic IR, Fayer MD.  2003.  Hydrogen bond breaking probed with multidimensional stimulated vibrational echo correlation spectroscopy. The Journal of chemical physics. 119:12981–12997.
Gaffney KJ, Davis PH, Piletic IR, Levinger NE, Fayer MD.  2002.  Hydrogen bond dissociation and reformation in methanol oligomers following hydroxyl stretch relaxation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 106:12012–12023.
Asbury JB, Steinel T, Stromberg C, Gaffney KJ, Piletic IR, Goun A, Fayer MD.  2003.  Hydrogen bond dynamics probed with ultrafast infrared heterodyne-detected multidimensional vibrational stimulated echoes. Physical review letters. 91:237402.
Gaffney KJ, Chapman HN.  2007.  Imaging atomic structure and dynamics with ultrafast X-ray scattering. Science. 316:1444–1448.
Ji M, Hartsock RW, Sung Z, Gaffney KJ.  2012.  Influence of solute-solvent coordination on the orientational relaxation of ion assemblies in polar solvents. The Journal of chemical physics. 136:014501.
Ji M, Hartsock RW, Sun Z, Gaffney KJ.  2011.  Interdependence of Conformational and Chemical Reaction Dynamics during Ion Assembly in Polar Solvents. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 115:11399–11408.
Gaffney KJ.  2010.  Large Angular Jump Mechanism Observed for Hydrogen Bond Exchange in Aqueous Perchlorate Solution.
Ji M, Odelius M, Gaffney KJ.  2010.  Large angular jump mechanism observed for hydrogen bond exchange in aqueous perchlorate solution. Science. 328:1003–1005.
Park S, Ji M, Gaffney KJ.  2010.  Ligand exchange dynamics in aqueous solution studied with 2DIR spectroscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 114:6693–6702.
Gaffney KJ.  2006.  Making Molecular Movies: 10,000,000,000,000 Frames per Second.
Wernet P, Beye M, de Groot F, Düsterer S, Gaffney KJ, Grübel S, Hartsock R, Hennies F, Josefsson I, Kennedy B et al..  2013.  Mapping chemical bonding of reaction intermediates with femtosecond X-ray laser spectroscopy. EPJ Web of Conferences. 41:05025.
Bezel I, Gaffney KJ, Garrett-Roe S, Liu SH, Miller AD, Szymanski P, Harris CB.  2004.  Measurement and dynamics of the spatial distribution of an electron localized at a metal–dielectric interface. The Journal of chemical physics. 120:845–856.
Gaffney KJ, Lindenberg A, Larsson J, Sokolowski-Tinten K, Blome C, Synnergren O, Sheppard J, Caleman C, MacPhee AG, Weinstein D et al..  2005.  Observation of structural anisotropy and the onset of liquidlike motion during the nonthermal melting of InSb. Physical review letters. 95:125701.
Gaffney KJ, Piletic IR, Fayer MD.  2003.  Orientational relaxation and vibrational excitation transfer in methanol–carbon tetrachloride solutions. The Journal of chemical physics. 118:2270–2278.
Ji M, Gaffney KJ.  2011.  Orientational relaxation dynamics in aqueous ionic solution: Polarization-selective two-dimensional infrared study of angular jump-exchange dynamics in aqueous 6M NaClO4. The Journal of chemical physics. 134:044516.
Zhang W, Lan Z, Sun Z, Gaffney KJ.  2012.  Resolving photo-induced twisted intramolecular charge transfer with vibrational anisotropy and TDDFT. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 116:11527–11536.