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Tanyag RMayro P, Bernando C, Jones CF, Bacellar C, Ferguson KR, Anielski D, Boll R, Carron S, Cryan JP, Englert L et al..  2015.  Communication: X-ray coherent diffractive imaging by immersion in nanodroplets. Structural Dynamics. 2:051102.
Jones CF, Bernando C, Tanyag RMayro P, Bacellar C, Ferguson KR, Gomez LF, Anielski D, Belkacem A, Boll R, Bozek J et al..  2016.  Coupled motion of Xe clusters and quantum vortices in He nanodroplets. Physical Review B. 93:180510.
Bacellar C, Chatterley A, Lackner F, Pemmaraju S, Tanyag R, Bernando C, Verma D, O’Connell S, Osipiv T, Ray D et al..  2016.  Imaging Anisotropic Nanoplasma Dynamics in Superfluid Helium Droplets. Bulletin of the American Physical Society.
Gomez LF, Ferguson KR, Cryan JP, Bacellar C, Tanyag RMayro P, Jones C, Schorb S, Anielski D, Belkacem A, Bernando C et al..  2014.  Shapes and vorticities of superfluid helium nanodroplets. science. 345:906–909.
Bernando C, Tanyag R, Jones C, Gomez L, Vilesov A, Bacellar C, Cryan J, Siefermann K, Sturm F, Gessner O et al..  2015.  Shapes of Swiftly Spinning Superfluid He Nanodroplets. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 60
Shavorskiy A, Neppl S, Slaughter DS, Cryan JP, Siefermann KR, Weise F, Lin M-F, Bacellar C, Ziemkiewicz MP, Zegkinoglou I et al..  2014.  Sub-nanosecond time-resolved ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy setup for pulsed and constant wave X-ray light sources. Review of Scientific Instruments. 85:093102.
Bacellar C, Chatterley A, Cryan JP, Ziemkiewicz M, Gessner O, Bernando C, Gomez L, Jones C, Tanyag R, Vilesov A et al..  2014.  X-ray pump/X-ray probe femtosecond coherent diffractive imaging of electron dynamics in pristine and embedded xenon clusters. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 59