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Öberg H, Gladh J, Dell'Angela M, Anniyev T, Beye M, Coffee R, Föhlisch A, Katayama T, Kaya S, LaRue J et al..  2015.  Optical laser-induced CO desorption from Ru (0001) monitored with a free-electron X-ray laser: DFT prediction and X-ray confirmation of a precursor state. Surface Science.
Marinelli A, Coffee R, Vetter S, Hering P, West GN, Gilevich S, Lutman AA, Li S, Maxwell T, Galayda J et al..  2016.  Optical Shaping of X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers. Physical Review Letters. 116:254801.
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Cai YP, Chesnel K, Trevino M, Westover A, Harrison RG, Hancock JM, Turley S, Scherz A, Reid A, Wu B et al..  2014.  Orbital and spin moments of 5 to 11 nm Fe3O4 nanoparticles measured via x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. Journal of Applied Physics. 115:17B537.
Thirupathaiah S, de Jong S, Ovsyannikov R, Dürr HA, Varykhalov A, Follath R, Huang Y, Huisman R, Golden MS, Zhang Y-Z et al..  2010.  Orbital character variation of the Fermi surface and doping dependent changes of the dimensionality in BaFe 2- x Co x As 2 from angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. Physical Review B. 81:104512.
Wernet P, Kunnus K, Josefsson I, Rajkovic I, Quevedo W, Beye M, Schreck S, Grübel S, Scholz M, Nordlund D et al..  2015.  Orbital-specific mapping of the ligand exchange dynamics of Fe (CO) 5 in solution. Nature. 520:78–81.
Jiang MP, Trigo M, Savić I, Fahy S, Murray ED, Bray C, Clark J, Henighan T, Kozina M, Chollet M et al..  2016.  The origin of incipient ferroelectricity in lead telluride. Nature Communications. 7
Radu F, Mishra SK, Zizak I, Erko AI, Dürr HA, Eberhardt W, Nowak G, Buschhorn S, Zabel H, Zhernenkov K et al..  2009.  Origin of the reduced exchange bias in an epitaxial FeNi (111)/CoO (111) bilayer. Physical Review B. 79:184425.
Zavilopulo AN, Chipev FF, Kokhtych LM, Sahoo S, Mukherjee SC, Walters HRJ, Coffee RN, Gibson GN, Jones S, Macek JH et al..  2006.  OTHER IONIZATION Mass Spectrometry Bulletin 40 (3) 2006. Mass spectrometry bulletin. 40:103.
Lee W-S, Chuang YD, Moore RG, Zhu Y, Patthey L, Trigo M, Lu DH, Kirchmann PS, Krupin O, Yi M et al..  2012.  Phase fluctuations and the absence of topological defects in a photo-excited charge-ordered nickelate. Nature communications. 3:838.
Johnson SL, Beaud P, Vorobeva E, Milne CJ, Murray ED, Fahy S, Ingold G, Prendergast D, Ogitsu T, Fritz DM et al..  2010.  Phonon Frequency Shifts and Damping in Optically Excited Semiconductors. Acta Crystallogr. A. 66:157–167.
Jiang MP, Trigo M, Fahy S, Murray ED, Savić I, Bray C, Clark J, Henighan T, Kozina M, Chollet M et al..  2015.  Photoinduced suppression of the ferroelectric instability in PbTe. arXiv preprint arXiv:1511.03626.
Moeller S, Arthur J, Brachmann A, Coffee RN, Decker F-J, Ding Y, Dowell D, Edstrom S, Emma P, Feng Y et al..  2011.  Photon beamlines and diagnostics at LCLS. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment. 635:S6–S11.
Kenney CJ, Dragone AB, Segal JD, Hasi J, Mehta A, Reis DA, Markovic B, Caraguilo P, Carini G, Herrmann SC et al..  2013.  Photon-counting detectors for pump-probe science. Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2013 IEEE. :1–2.
Zalden P, Shu MJ, Chen F, Zhu Y, Wen H, Johnston S, Shen Z-X, Landreman P, Brongersma M, Fong SW et al..  2016.  Picosecond electric field induced threshold switching in phase-change materials. arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.01885.
Grigoriev A, Evans PG, Trigo M, Reis DA, Young L, Dunford RW, Kanter EP, Krässig B, Santra R, Southworth SH et al..  2010.  Picosecond Structural Dynamics at the Advanced Photon Source. Synchrotron Radiation News. 23:18–25.
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Scheidt K, Wark JS, Missalla T, Lindenberg A, Sondhauss P, Wulff M, Bucksbaum PH, Naylor G, Sjögren A, Falcone RW et al..  2002.  Picosecond X-ray diffraction studies of laser-excited acoustic phonons in InSb.
Lutman AA, MacArthur JP, Ilchen M, Lindahl AO, Buck J, Coffee RN, Dakovski GL, Dammann L, Ding Y, Dürr HA et al..  2016.  Polarization control in an X-ray free-electron laser. Nature Photonics.
Ishikawa K, Kawano H, Midorikawa K, Pan X, Shneider MN, Miles RB, Coffee RN, Gibson GN, Drobizhev M, Karotki A et al..  2003.  Polarization effect in impulsive rotational Raman scattering in a hydrogen gas. Quantum Electronics and Laser Science, 2003. QELS. Postconference Digest. :2–pp.
Bamber C, Berridge SC, Boege SJ, Bugg WM, Bula C, Burke DL, Field RC, Horton-Smith G, Koffas T, Kotseroglou T et al..  1997.  Positron production in multiphoton light-by-light scattering. American Institute of Physics Conference Series. 396:165–177.
Laksmono H, McQueen TA, Sellberg JA, Huang C, Loh D, Sierra RG, Starodub D, Norlund D, Beye M, DePonte DP et al..  2013.  Probing homogenous ice nucleation within supercooled bulk water droplet in. NUCLEATION AND ATMOSPHERIC AEROSOLS: 19th International Conference. 1527:984–986.
Laksmono H, Sellberg J, McQueen TA, Huang C, Loh D, Sierra R, Hampton C, Starodub D, Nordlund D, Beye M et al..  2012.  Probing Ice Nucleation in. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. 1:0303.
Reis DA, DeCamp MF, Bucksbaum PH, Clarke R, Dufresne E, Hertlein M, Merlin R, Falcone R, Kapteyn H, Murnane MM et al..  2001.  Probing impulsive strain propagation with X-ray pulses. Physical review letters. 86:3072.