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Jones CF, Bernando C, Tanyag RMayro P, Bacellar C, Ferguson KR, Gomez LF, Anielski D, Belkacem A, Boll R, Bozek J et al..  2016.  Coupled motion of Xe clusters and quantum vortices in He nanodroplets. Physical Review B. 93:180510.
Champenois E, Cryan J, Shivaram N, Wright T, Belkacem A.  2015.  Exploring Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics using Photoelectron Spectra from UV/XUV Pump-Probe Experiments. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 60
Champenois EG, Cryan JP, Larsen K, Shivaram NH, Belkacem A.  2016.  Few-femtosecond sensitivity of ultrafast molecular dynamics with time-resolved photoelectron spectra. Bulletin of the American Physical Society.
Shivaram N, Champenois E, Wright T, Cryan J, Wingard T, Larsen K, Slaughter D, Belkacem A.  2016.  Investigation of Ultrafast Dynamics in O-nitrophenol using Femtosecond UV/VUV/IR Pulses. Bulletin of the American Physical Society.
Champenois EG, Shivaram NH, Wright TW, Yang C-S, Belkacem A, Cryan JP.  2016.  Involvement of a low-lying Rydberg state in the ultrafast relaxation dynamics of ethylene. The Journal of chemical physics. 144:014303.
Wright T, Champenois E, Cryan J, Ray D, Shivaram N, Sturm F, Slaughter D, Belkacem A.  2015.  Probing and Manipulating Ultrafast Dynamics in Carbon Dioxide Using Multicolor Vacuum Ultraviolet Pulses. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 60
Gomez LF, Ferguson KR, Cryan JP, Bacellar C, Tanyag RMayro P, Jones C, Schorb S, Anielski D, Belkacem A, Bernando C et al..  2014.  Shapes and vorticities of superfluid helium nanodroplets. science. 345:906–909.
Shivaram N, Champenois E, Cryan J, Wright T, Belkacem A.  2015.  UV Pump–VUV Probe Studies of Ultrafast Dynamics in Simple Aromatic Molecules. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 60