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HHG from topological insulators

Denitsa Baykusheva and colleauges report theoretical investigations of high-harmonic generation in topological insulators in Phys. Rev. A. The aticle is an Editors' suggestion and is featured in Physics  and in a SLAC news article by Glennda Chui.  The authors predict sensitivity of strong-field-driven high harmonic emission to the topology of the band structure and exhibits manifestations of spin-orbit interaction.  In particular the harmonic emission from the topologically protected surfaces states is enhanced under strong circular polarized pump pulses where the bulk contribution is negligible.  This work is a collaboration between Denitsa Baykusheva, David Reis and Shambhu Ghimire of the Stanford PULSE Institute and Alexis Chacón,  Dasol Kim and  Dong Eon Kim of the Max Planck POSTECH/KOREA Research Initiative in South Korea.  Image (c) G. Stewart/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.