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Shambhu Ghimire

Principal Investigator
Shambhu Ghimire's research interests are in attosecond electron dynamics and x-ray nonlinear optics. He is a recipient of the Young Investigator award from the Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy. He uses intense mid-infrared  laser pulses to create extremely fast electron oscillations in crystalline solids.These oscillations occur on time scales in attoseconds (billionths of a billionth of a second) and create extremely nonlinear electrical current, which subsequently radiates in the form of high order harmonics of the laser. Controlling electrical currents in materials on attosecond time scale may lead to the development of devices that are million times faster than those possible with current technology. Ghimire’s research program will advance the fundamental understanding of high-intensity laser matter interaction in a fairly broad range of electromagnetic spectrum, from terahertz to the x-ray wavelength range. 
Ghimire received his PhD in physics from Kansas State University in 2007 and went to University of Michigan for a post-doc work before joining SLAC  in 2009.