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UXSS 2016

The annual Ultrafast X-ray Summer Seminar (UXSS), co-hosted by the Stanford PULSE Institute and the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) at DESY, will be held at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in 2016.

Conference Website

We maintain a separate, dedicated conference webpage for UXSS 2016. For all conference details, please visit and note the following link:

Lecture Videos

Recordings of most talks are now available on YouTube and iTunes.

Lecture Slides

Links to the lecturers' slides are available below.
Agostino Marinelli (Lecture 1: Introduction to the Physics of Free-Electron Lasers)
Philippe Wernet (Lecture 2: Mapping chemical interactions and dynamics with x-ray spectroscopy)
Matthias Fuchs (Lecture 3: Nonlinear X-ray Optics)
**Lecture 4 Slides Unavailable (Speaker: Nora Berrah)
Louis DiMauro (Lecture 5: ABCs of high harmonics and attoseconds)
Steve Johnson (Lecture 6: Ultrafast x-ray scattering in condensed matter)
Sigfried Glenzer (Lecture 7: How to make a star in the laboratory)
Ian Robinson (Lecture 8: XFEL Imaging of Excitations in Metal Nanoparticles)
James Holton (Lecture 9) [note: large file (~80 MB)]

Questions regarding the conference may be directed to Suzette Escobar, sescobar /@/ We are pleased to have hosted another productive UXSS!