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Prof. Todd Martinez Receives Stanford GCEP Funding Award

In a new announcement by the Stanford Global Climate and Energy Project, a research proposal headed by PULSE PI Prof. Todd Martinez and Chemistry PI Prof. Matt Kanan received funding from GCEP to investigate the possibility of using carbonate salts to catalyze reactions of carbon dioxide and water into renewable fuels, instead of metal catalysts or typical solvents.

Congratulations to Profs. Martinez and Kanan for their successful proposal!

New Journal Article Shows Surprising Finding About Particles Hit by LCLS X-rays

A recent paper on an LCLS experiment overseen by PULSE alum Christoph Bostedt (now at ANL/Northwestern) has been published, discussing an unexpected effect of ultrafast LCLS pulses on clusters of xenon atoms. This finding contributes to our understanding of the effects of the ultrafast, ultra-bright LCLS X-rays on particles being analyzed, in particular by revisiting a common assumption in LCLS experiments that particles will explode after receiving an XFEL pulse.
For further information: SLAC News

NPI Group Publishes Paper on New Sample Injector

An effort led by PULSE graduate student Raymond Sierra and research associate Hasan Demirci of the Non-Periodic Imaging group at PULSE has resulted in a recent publication at Nature Methods. Their work discusses a sample delivery mechanism developed by Sierra and the NPI group that can be used for biology experiments (e.g. serial femtosecond crystallography) at LCLS and other X-ray free electron lasers.

SLAC News has written about the paper, with commentary from the two scientists.


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